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Hi, I’m Ashley! I have always had a love of photography, but actually being a photographer just sort of happened. My mom and I started out just taking pictures for people we know if they asked. It’s been nearly 5 years since we decided to make a real go of it. I remember when I was little, burning through disposable cameras like nobody’s business, so my mom bought me a skinny little 110 camera (am I showing my age? lol). And let me tell you…I thought I was hot stuff with a REAL camera. After that, I upgraded to stealing my mom’s camera for my impromtu photo shoots featuring my little brother and sister. Fast forward a bunch of years and here I am specializing in weddings, births, and newborns. My favorite part about being a photographer is freezing those important moments in time. I love when our clients talk about how their images took them right back to the day the photos were taken. It it such a privelege to be chosen to be part of one of the most important days of someone’s life – whether it’s the day you get married or the birth of your baby. Giving those images to people means everything to me. These days my favorite subjects are my two little monsters Jax- 3 and Sawyer- 1. The other person in my life is my husband, Carlos. We’ve together since I was 14, so we have done alot of our growing up together. And as far as dads go, he’s the best there is. Other tidbits: I love sweet tea, vintage stuff, binge watching netflix, cooking, sleeping late, babies, Christmas, football, and my big crazy family that has no sense of boundries.


Hello! I’m Carol! I have 5 kids, Beau – 36, Bobi Jo – 35, Ashley (yep, that^ one) – 28, Hannah – 25, and Tucker – 24, but Ashley is my favorite, so she thinks, I really do not have a favorite. Actually my favorite ones are my 4 grands, Hunter, Maggie Jean, Jax and Sawyer and my hubby, Robin because without him none of this would be possible. They are my reason for everything. My love of photography started at a very young age and was brought to life by my children and wanting to capture every little thing they did on film. I have a long history of harassing my family to take a picture during every event, holiday, embarassing moment and milestone. They have given me a VERY hard time about all the harassment lol, but giving them all those moments to look back on is priceless. Giving those same things to so many families… that is why I love doing this. A few of my favorite things… Starbucks, Hallmark Christmas movies, my Erin Condren planner (I’d be lost without it!), sparkly sandals and my Yorkie, Parker.